Honey, we can run forever, if forever is what's in store.

Igår kramade vi Big Hero och såg på den knepigaste sagofilmen någonsin. Anledningen var självfallet Meryl Streep och Johnny Depp. Men den var väldigt knepig som sagt. En mix av Sweeney Todd, Lés Miserables och bröderna Grimm. 

Ikväll kommer tre svenska tjejer hit och hänger innan vi beger oss ut i Dublinnatten! 
Yesterday was movie night - Into the Woods. I don't really got the movie, so I'm not sure I liked or disliked it. It's a little Sweeney Todd, Lés Miserables and the Grimm Brothers. So if you've seen those movies you know what I mean. 
Today I've done... nothing. Spent my saturday sleeping and catching up with the Walking Dead, watched Pretty in Pink which has been on my computer since forever. In a few hours three girls will pour in through the door for some drinking and talking and then we're going out! 
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